Welcome to Springer 5 Investments, a locally owned commercial real estate developer in Rio Rancho, now the third largest city in New Mexico. We are currently focused on bringing high quality medical and retail businesses to the Unser Gateway district, with a true live/work/play vision. Our properties, Unser Pavilion, Unser Pavilion West, and Springer Plaza, boast the unrivaled location across Unser Boulevard from Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, fast becoming one of New Mexico’s largest regional hospitals.

As the Rio Rancho population swells, our workforce expands along with it. Our Springer 5 properties will be especially attractive for employment centers.

Committed to community involvement, Springer 5 is well-positioned for sustained, long-term growth. We take an active role in the cooperation between the private and public sectors of this district, helping to create a robust and prosperous deal-making climate for Rio Rancho.