Lightning fast Internet anyone? It turns out that CableONE has chosen Rio Rancho to be a “gig” city; that is, one with internet service 40 times faster than average! Read on for more details.

Rio Rancho, City of Vision? How about ‘Gig City’

Rio Rancho will have some of the fastest Internet service in the U.S. after striking a deal with Cable ONE to install upgrades in the coming year.

The deal will make Rio Rancho a “gig city” and one of several communities in the country where Cable ONE will roll out the new service. The company calls it GigaONE, and says the service provides speeds 40 times faster than the average currently offered in most U.S. cities.

Cable ONE has invested more than $500 million over the past five years on network upgrades.

“We are thrilled that Rio Rancho will be a Gig City,” said Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull in a new release. “Gigabit Internet service will not only provide our residents with the faster speeds they need to connect multiple devices in their homes, but it is also critical to the economic growth and development of our City.”

Cable ONE Gigabit speeds will enable customers to download an HD movie in 60 seconds and 100 songs in four seconds, the company says.

Rio Rancho customers can visit to find out when GigaONE will be available. Prices and data plans will be announced in January.

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