So you can’t get a Wisepies pizza while you’re cheering for the Lobos? No worries, you can swing by Unser Pavilion for your hot and cheesy fix.

WisePies addresses why its pizza isn’t made at The Pit

When the homegrown company WisePies Pizza & Salad purchased naming rights of “The Pit” in late 2014, it was assumed its brand of pizza would soon be served inside the University of New Mexico arena.

More than a year later, the company still doesn’t serve its personal pizzas inside the area. Fans may have wondered how WisePies planned on serving build-your-own pizzas during busy gaming events, especially since the company’s stone oven takes at least five minutes to cook a proper pie.

It turns out the company won’t serve its gourmet pizzas to Lobo Basketball crowds or during other events.

The company released a YouTube video last week that, although a little vague, basically said a vending opportunity in The Pit isn’t possible because its products can’t be pre-made.

“After many site visits with WisePies Pizza & Salad executives and the UNM Facilities Team, it was determined that the logistics necessary and space needed to expeditiously produce the high-quality product that WisePies Pizza & Salad promises each and every customer was not possible,” the company said in a news release.

The company said it doesn’t want to compromise the guest experience, and invites customers to dine at its other locations.

WisePies co-owner Steve Chavez told Business First in December that the $5 million naming rights deal was worth every penny. Chavez said it was a smart business decision and marketing move, one that “solidified the company as a major player in the fast-casual pizza industry.”

Despite not being able to serve at The Pit, WisePies is gearing up for an explosive year of growth. Chavez said the company plans to open 15 to 20 locations this year.

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