Unser Gateway is home to a 3.5M medical office building, now officially under construction. Read more here:

Construction to start on medical office building

The fast-growing medical district near Presbyterian Rust Medical Center is about to grow a little more with the construction of a nearly $3.5 million medical office building.

Mechenbier Construction Inc., with one anchor tenant in place taking about one-third of the total space, will launch construction this week of its 21,530-square-foot Wellspring Medical office building.

The building should open in summer 2017 at 1817 Wellspring SE in Rio Rancho, west of Unser Boulevard.

JumpStart, a current tenant in one of Mechenbier’s other office buildings, needs more space to accommodate its employees who diagnose and treat pre-teen autistic individuals, according to developer/general contractor John Mechenbier.

He anticipates another three or four tenants to lease space in the building.

With land acquisition and construction costs, the total tab is about $4.1 million, Mechenbier said.

Medical-related clients need 50 percent more parking than standard business users, he added, so there will be nearly 150 parking spaces at the two-acre site.

As many as 200 people will be working on the project during construction, he said.

Some of the key subcontractors and vendors are Intercon Concrete, McCrary Electric, Sundance Mechanical and Utility and National Roofing.

The building will mirror the look and incorporate the construction materials used on other recent Mechenbier projects designed by architectural firm SlagleHerr.

“There are few parcels of land in this growing medical corridor with a better location in terms of visibility, ease of access, parking, or proximity to a wide variety of medical specialties, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities,” Mechenbier said.

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